Friday, November 21, 2008

Silent No More

I have taken some time from writing here for many reasons. Many of you probably know what has been happening recently and I am not really going to be detailing any of it now. I thought about taking this site down or just not writing any more, but I don't see the point in disappearing. I have no reason to hide.

For the sake of continuity and to close one chapter of my life in order to begin another, I would like to only speak of this once and then I will hopefully never dip back into this subject again.

Sometimes you have a vitally important decision to make. When you make that decision, there are a series of unintended consequences. I have made some poor financial decisions in my past (and have plenty of debt to prove it). A situation arose that I needed a little bit of extra time to really know exactly what was going to happen - financially. To make a vague story even more vague, the unintended casualty was the nearly one-year long relationship with Megan. Honestly, I did not want things to end, and even if they were destined to end, I did not want things to end the way they did.

There are two sides to every story, but it isn't in my nature to publicly speak about private situations. If you simply must know more, I am willing to provide more information... privately - not in public forum. Things are not always what they seem. If my character is in question, then the entirety is not known. The comments section of this blog is moderated by me and anyone with questions can privately use that feature - ask questions, and I will answer honestly. I promise that I will not post the private comments for the sake of anonymity (make sure to leave contact info with the comment).

I have already spent enough time dwelling on an incredibly bad situation and I do not intend on writing volumes about it here. It is time to move on. Since I have considerable amount of free time now, there will be more blogging... just not about this topic.