Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pre-2012 Training Post

It's been a long while since I've posted anything on this site... a long while.  As of now at work, I am writing a methods section for my next paper, so my writing style may currently be pretty academic.  I'll work on that as I go. 

I wasn't terribly happy with my performance in the 2011 KC Triathlon.  I believe the blame lies at least partially on not starting training until February and then having several setbacks including back problems related to being out of shape.  When the triathlon rolled around, I was relatively ready, but the open water swim killed me, just as it did in 2010.  I apparently learned nothing.  Ugh.  I did however finish the triathlon about 5 minutes faster than the year before at a weight almost 20 pounds heavier (in better shape despite being almost 10% heavier?). 
Since I feel like I have gotten overweight and maybe a bit out of shape, I am going to start my triathlon training much earlier this season.  As an added difficulty this season, on top of training for the 2012 KC Triathlon on May 20, I am going to simultaneously train for the Wisconsin Half-Marathon on May 5th in Kenosha (booyah, Kim, I'm making it official!).  I plan on posting updates on the 1st and 16th of each month with an abbreviated log of my workouts.  For each period, I will be aiming for 4 runs (2 distance, 2 hills), 4 swims, 2 cycling sessions (indoor unless it is warm and clear enough to bring out the road bike).  Instead of running sprints (to begin with anyway) I am going to substitute participation in sporting events, so, I will aim for playing both basketball and racquetball twice for each period.  On top of all this, I would like to mix in 4 light weight-training sessions in addition to of regular core and stretching routines.  When the weather does not cooperate, I will replace runs with cycling or Plyo X workouts, that is, unless my weight drops low enough to use the apartment building's treadmills, in which case... I'll be replacing runs with, well, runs. 

My 2012 goals will be to 1) drop about 25 pounds, 2) take almost 40 minutes off of the 2011 triathlon time to finish in 3:00:00, or less, and 3) complete the Wisconsin Half-Marathon in 2:11:00 (10 minutes/mile pace). 

In order to reach these goals, I would like to get my weight to a maximum of 220.  This means that I will be giving up soda again (good bye rum and coke...dammit) and trying to take control of my diet (lame) while increasing the number and frequency of workouts.  I have been running a bit and playing basketball/tennis somewhat regularly, so I'm not a complete disaster going in to it this time.  In fact, I can still run a 10K, which I unexpectedly found out on Tuesday (decided to run 4 miles, then just kept going).  I believe I will be in good position to have some monster effects on my distances and times based on where I am now.

Weight - 243
Distance capability - 6.2 miles (11/29/2011)

10K time - 1:02:50 (11/29/2011)
5K time -30:10 (10/12/2011)

Year-To-Date Mileage (Jan 1 - Dec 1 2011)
Run - 214.4 miles
Bike - 279.8 miles
Swim - 16.4 miles

Distance - 8.7 miles (4/7/11) - Macken Park Training

5K (official) - 28:14 (7/9/11) - Grayslake 5K
5K (unofficial) - 28:03 (5/2/11) - Macken Park Training
10K - 62:04 (4/28/11) - Macken Park Training
Half-Marathon - N/A
Olympic-Distance Triathlon - 3:38:57 (5/22/11) - KC Triathlon


kilax said...

Yay! It's official!

Is each period two weeks long? I would recommend at least 3 runs a week to prepare for the half. At a minimum :) Believe me, it will help with the whole weight loss thing.

Can't wait to run the half with you! 10:00 mm will be a piece of cake. Or a piece of cheese.

gina said...

Good luck with training! Hope you meet all your 2012 goals and stay injury free!

gina said... training update, please!

Come on! Help keep me motivated!

Andrew said...

Gina - Oops, I had the post scheduled to post, but apparently didn't actually hit "publish". Thanks for noticing!