Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've Finally Chosen A Rapper Name

Finally... after many years of careful contemplation and being painstakingly selective the right name presented itself. I have known people that can use truncations of their own names (like Nate G. or J-Dub) or simple permutations of their names (JQ or Danny "Big D." bizNILkowski). And of course Megan has the perfect name (albeit somewhat inappropriate), MoHotShit. Any of those names would be ideal monikers to appear on a CD case. Personally, I have given other people names, but had never chosen, or been given, a name for myself. Today, should I choose to abandon my career as a biochemist to become a rapper, I now have my artist name... Corpulent PhD. Oh yeah, I'm totally psyched.

SIDE NOTE: I'm certain that JQ most likely has a preferred name, but since I am unaware of his choice, I have called him JQ for years - much to his dismay. If he doesn't like being called JQ, then he can call me out and we can have some kind of Extreme Northern Midwest/Central Midwest turf war that can only end in the destruction of the entire region. Bring it on!


kilax said...

You forgot to mention when you'll be releasing your album "Rhythms from the Lab"

Andrew Skaff said...

Great album title. I have to develop some kind of sound and ability to rhyme... and possibly some rhythm as well. This project will take some time to develop.

Gina said...

my turn, my turn, my turn...I need a rappers name, too. J.LO is so lucky. Ha.