Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Open Challenge

I dare anyone to beat my time on the Evil difficulty on the WebSudoku site. If anyone wants to take me up on the challenge, feel free to post your times in the comments section and I will write a new post one week from today with the results. If anyone is interested in a more elaborate competition using the different difficulties, just let me know and I am certain we can come up with something. Good luck to everyone!

NOTE: For users new to the websudoku site, I'd recommend clicking the option button on the puzzle screen and checking all of the boxes and have the buttons set to "regular".


Moflo said...

Gosh...don't you have anything better to do with your time? Like drinking?

Andrew Skaff said...

Maybe I should try combining the two... oh wait, I've already done that, haven't I?

Moflo said...

Oh yes, I, swaying and glassy-eyed, balancing your laptop precariously on the edge of my coffee table, squinting and trying to focus on the website sudoku box.
Me: Umm, what are you doing?

You: (grinning like a monkey)I'm tesssstingg hohw fhaaast I kahn do thhese when Ah'm drunnhnk.

Me: Oh. Okay. How logical, and admirable of you. (not said aloud: "Weird fucker...")

Moflo said...

Hey (to the tune of the Pixies, been tryin' to reach you, mmmm hmmm mmmm hmmm mmmmm), how do we know you won't just lie about your time?