Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quote(s) for the Week #2

Bonus points will be awarded to the first person to correctly identify the show from which these quotes originated. I was feeling generous, and named the character attributed to each quote. I don't necessarily agree with the quotes, but they are all worth discussion. I just finished watching the complete run of this series this afternoon. It really is a shame that it only ran for two seasons. Phenomenal show. Everyone should check it out. The answer will either appear in the comment section or a follow-up post next week.

"Don't be a fool. All that really counts in this world is what others think of you." - Professor Lodz (via Ruthie)

"Everything's impossible. 'Til it ain't." - Ben Hawkins

"The idea that religion and politics don't mix was created by the devil to keep Christians from running their own country." - Brother Justin Crowe

"The dumbest thing is dyin' when you ain't gotta. Dyin' just cause you're piss poor at livin'. I'll tell you something else that's true. When it comes to livin', dyin' is the easy part." - Samson

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lestlie said...

I liked that show. It's always interesting to see a new, unique telling of the story of good and evil.