Saturday, December 15, 2007

Apartment Pictures... Finally!

As promised (just not as timely), here are a few pics of my new apartment.

Pic #1 - Kitchen
Things to note: The woodwork, the dark marble countertops, the stainless steel appliances.
Pic #2 - Living Room
Things to note: My sweet new coffee table (an early Christmas gift from my parents - thanks!), the new big screen TV (which is not so big that it overpowers the room) and the blanket that displays my true allegiances.
Things to ignore: Exposed wiring from the walls (it's part of a surround system that I decided not to use, but haven't gotten around to taking care of) and also, the fact that I don't have a lamp shade on the lamp in the corner.
Pic #3 - Bathroom/Dressing room
Pic #4 - A glimpse into the walk-in closet. I just wanted everyone to know what was on display, front and center. Go Royals!

A final note - the bedroom is still pretty messy, so no pics of that for now - maybe later.


kilax said...

Your wine rack is empty! ;)

Your place looks really nice! I love the millwork in the kitchen and in the bathroom; and I love the style of the hardware. Very sophisticated! Can't wait to visit next week :)

(We're happy to see you're using your valet and digital photo frame!)

Andrew Skaff said...

Hey, there's one bottle up there!

I'm really happy with the way the place looks. I'm looking forward to seeing you and Steven next week. It's been too long.

The photo frame and the valet were some of the first things that I put out when I was arranging everything. Thanks! I knew you would notice them in the photos.

Miss Jodi said...

I like your place! Jeff says it looks like the swinging bachelor pad that you deserve!


Gina said...

That's a great apartment! The kitchen is awesome! Hopefully you'll have time away from work to actually enjoy it all.

Andrew Skaff said...

Jodi - Thanks! I really like the way the place is coming together. Tell Jeff and the kids hi for me!

Gina - Work has gotten slower with the holidays approaching, now I just have to get over the lazyness factor. I need to put the kitchen to use more than I have. Thanks for checking out the pics!