Monday, December 10, 2007

Top 5 Movies of 2007... So Far

I haven't been seeing many movies in the theater recently, but until I took a look at this list, I didn't realize how selective I had become. Of the 100 most popular titles of 2007, I have seen only seven. I seem to be less interested in movies. It may be because the quality of films has been dropping, or conversely, the quality of television shows has been increasing. I do believe that there is a link between these statements. With the increasing complexity of television shows (having multiple series featuring season long story arcs), I would presume that movie writers have been brought in to work on television projects. This shift, if it really has happened, could explain why TV programs have improved and decent movies seem to be few and far between. Of the movies that I have seen, there are enough good films that I can compile a Top 5 list. Honestly, I could swap any of 1-4 depending on my mood because they were all very entertaining.

First, here are the two movies, that didn't make the list because, frankly, they stunk:
Spider-Man 3 (so many reasons that it wasn't good)
Breach (boring - only movie in years that I actually dozed off "watching")

The Top 5 Movies of 2007

5. Hot Fuzz (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do a buddy cop flick - hilarious)
4. 3:10 To Yuma (I don't like Westerns, but this movie rocked - would have been rated #1 if at some point in the film Christian Bale had said... "I'm Batman")
3. Live Free Or Die Hard (completely unrealistic, but every second was entertaining)
2. The Bourne Ultimatum (best of the series so far)
1. No Country For Old Men (see yesterday's post)


kilax said...

We hardly ever see movies in the theater anymore. We have only seen three on that list.

Gina said...

and what happens when you haven't seen any of those movies? Not that I'm admitting to anything, just curious.