Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Giant Steaming Pile Of Crap

Today was one of those days... The last couple days have been semi-crappy, so my motivation wasn't particularly high. I dragged my feet in starting my experiment in the lab because I really didn't want to work on it. I did a feeler type experiment last week to find a jumping off spot for today's experiment. I wasn't going in to this blindly. Because this is a time-course experiment, I had to pretty much stare at a shitty old computer monitor for the entire day. The experiment started off poorly, so I was forced to make adjustments and restart (wasted hour number one). My adjustment wasn't drastic enough, so I had to restart it again (wasted hour number two). The third attempt appeared to be declared, "good enough". With the background reading out of the way, I continued on to the actual experiment. The first curve - crap (wasted hour number three). I repeated it again with more adjustments - crap (wasted hour number four). One more time - still crap (wasted hour number five). That was enough for me and I called it a day... at 830pm.

All of that time spent collecting data just to have it all be worth exactly nothing. What makes this even worse is that I have to start it all over tomorrow. How am I supposed to get motivated to do this all over again? My choice - spend some time catching up on blogging. Holy crap - it's been a week and a half since I've written anything here? How did that happen?


Miss Jodi said...

Maybe tomorrow will be better...?

I hope so!

kilax said...

The day is crap because it is the day after a 3-day weekend, right?