Monday, September 29, 2008

Too Much Stress

Holy crap! I can't believe that it has been weeks (three to be precise) since I have posted anything here. I've been under so much stress recently that I think I have barely been holding on. Right now it is quarter to five... AM. And I haven't been to sleep yet. I am currently working on a poster that will be presented at the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference in Chicago next weekend - unless I do not survive that long. I was supposed to have this done (or at least a draft) two weeks ago, but I have been dragging my feet. There was a piece of elusive data I spent a much to long on trying pin down... but have not had success. Hoping to get that piece of data, I had put off preparing the poster. Now my back is against the wall and time is running out.

With this and several other stressors, I've been having trouble concentrating on much of anything. I make stupid mistakes at work then I come home and just stare at the damned television. I haven't even been playing video games, just mindlessly staring and letting all the crap swirl around in my head and stress myself out even more. I should know pretty well by now that I need to write during these phases. So I'm back... apparently. The poster should be done soon and after the conference is over with I might have a chance to relax, until the next huge stressor (whatever that will be) pops up. It just seems like endless frustration. Where is the relief?


Miss Jodi said...

This is a problem that so many of us are having. How can we put an end to all of the stress?

Or maybe we all actually enjoy it.


kilax said...

I don't think there is relief. Remember what Leon said when Mathilda asked "Is life always this hard, or just when you're a kid?"

Always like this.


JUST KIDDING! We are going to party like it's 1999 when you come to Chicago. That shouldn't be stressful!