Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mildly Prepared For Some Football

The 2008 NFL season begins today for the Kansas City Chiefs. I have to admit, this is the least excited as I have ever been for the beginning of the football season. The Chiefs prospects for an even remotely decent season are pretty, pretty slim. Opening the season at New England is a game that virtually no one would predict a KC victory. But, with absolutely no expectations, it would be quite difficult to be disappointed.

I'm thinking about pitching a slogan to the team for this season. Something that would appear on bumper stickers and billboards around town. Here are my first three suggestions. I'll take votes on which one would be the most appropriate.

The 2008 Kansas City Chiefs - Mediocrity At Its Finest
The 2008 Kansas City Chiefs - Setting The Bar Low
The 2008 Kansas City Chiefs - Who Fucking Cares?

Live Update - As I was typing this post, Pollard destroyed Tom Brady's knee and Randy Moss fumbled on the same play. Maybe the Chiefs will have a chance in this game. If they can injure enough players, they just might level the playing field.

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