Friday, September 4, 2009

Quotes for the Week #38

"I'm so gassy, I could hump a cat." - "Kimberlina" Ilax Skaff

"He looked Mexican from behind." - "Kimberlina" Ilax Skaff

"I don't think I'm going to make it, Steve. My one regret is... not watching enough television." - Roger

"Madonna is in Israel this week and she's visiting the Wailing Wall... The ancient crumbling structure that thousands of people have stuck things in, said she was glad to be visiting the Wailing Wall.

"Veridian Dyanmics. We're working hard to make your life better, but our competitor, Digivation, wants to ruin your life. Since Digivation was founded fifty years ago, millions have died, millions more have become sad. What's your problem, Digivation? Veridian Dynamics... good. Digivation... bad." - Narrator

"What is this, Dutch Blend? I hate Dutch Blend. And the Dutch too. Those people are lunatics too, with their wooden shoes and their fatty sausages." - Veronica

"While Lem and Phil are looking for a more permanent solution, I'm just trying to keep my office from looking like this girl I used to date. It's a long story, but yes, she looked like a desk with hair." - Ted


kilax said...

It was GASSY, not GREASY ;) LOL!

I wish I could remember why I said the second line...

Steven is now teaching data how to play those games...

Andrew said...

Whoops. Correction made. Mexican or Douche will be the game that sweeps the nation!