Friday, October 16, 2009

Quotes for the Week #44

"But if I'm being honest, my problem's less with the fact he's drinking more than he's doing it without me. Then I start thinkin' - 'what's wrong with me, am I not fun to drink with?'" - Charlie Kelly

"Listen, let's be rational. We live in the real world. It's governed by science, physics, laws of nature. There's always, always a non-voodoo explanation for everything... I don't understand, did some gypsy put a curse on you when you were a child?" - Adrian Monk

"They are goat-f*@%ers, Jon. Pure and simple, pure and simple. An organization whose sole desire and drive is the pursuit and seduction of goats... for the purpose of f*@king them. Perhaps, Jon, if the facts of a story were scribbled inside the sexual organs of goats, CNN may have more of an interest in checking them. Until that time, if you need a goat f*@ked, CNN will do it." - John Oliver

"Well, Einstein played the violin when he was stuck. I just like to annihilate mutants." - Steve Wassenfelder

"I see what you're saying. I think that crucifixion must have been really good for your core." - Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds

"I've actually been in this situation many times, so I'm just going to be upfront, I'm not allowed to date students... even though you're an eight, which is a British ten." - Duncan

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