Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KC Sports Update

I am ready to declare the 2008 Chiefs' season officially over today. Carl Peterson and the rest of the management should all be run out of the business for having written off the entire season four months before it will even begin. The one bright spot from last season's dismal performance was the effectiveness of defensive end Jared Allen. Today, the Chiefs have traded their star to Minnesota for three draft picks. I realize that, potentially, those draft picks could be long term gems. However, with the draft decisions the Chiefs have made in the last several seasons... what's the point? None of them will pan out because they never do. Peterson has lost touch with reality. The one thing this city had going for it (athletically) was the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the city is watching as they revert to a laughing stock they were in the 1980s. Enough is enough.

All of the optimism for the Kansas City Royals that I had developed... is now gone. They still can't hit and now their pitching has failed (they've been outscored 46-12 in their last trip through their pitching rotation). It may be a little bit premature (not the case with the Chiefs - that decision isn't remotely premature), but the 2008 Royals season is likely over. It's the Royals' way... bring back hope, just to crush it. Here we go again.

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