Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I Can't Be A Professor

I have wanted to post about the PHD (piled higher and deeper) Comics site for quite some time, but haven't gotten around to it. The writer/artist Jorge Cham has completely nailed the intricacies of being a graduate student in this era. Anyone that wants the gist of pursuing an advanced degree without actually doing so should take a look. Anyone that has been in grad school should take a look. Anyone that has no interest in knowing what being a grad student is like (but enjoys humor) should take a look. It is worth the visit. PHD Comics recently crossed the 1000 comic strip milestone, so there is plenty of reading to do in the archives for anyone interested.

For those grad students or former grad students, I'm sure that all of you can identify with one of the characters and can probably identify someone from your own department that corresponds to each of the characters from the strip. The graduate school experience is apparently universal no matter what University you attended.

The strip that appears below is the exact reason that I would rather not take the academic route for my choice of career path. While I find this strip hilarious (because it is so freaking accurate), I don't think I could pull off the demeanor of the "boss" in seriousness. Anyway... enjoy!

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