Monday, April 7, 2008

Now That Was A National Championship Game

I've complained here before about how disappointing championship games tend to be (2008 Super Bowl, 2007 World Series). Well, the NCAA Basketball Championship Game last night between Kansas and Memphis could not be called disappointing in any way. Wow, what a game! Kansas is down by nine points with just over two minutes remaining in regulation. When Chalmers hit the three pointer to tie the game with just over 2 seconds left to tie it up, I actually jumped up and yelled, "Yes!" Having watched the game alone at my apartment, and my typical reserved personality, the reaction was what could only be referred to as, an outburst.

Being a product of Iowa State, a Big 12 Conference rival school to KU, I can't, by any means, be called a KU fan. Unlike with pro sports, however, once my team is no longer contending, I do tend to back the other schools from the conference (with pro sports, I tend to despise the other teams from the division - baseball; Tigers, Twins, White Sox, Indians and football; Raiders, Broncos, Chargers can all burn in hell before I align myself any of them). Now, I'm not going to rush out and purchase any KU gear after watching this game, but I am happy to see the National Championship residing within the Big 12 Conference.

What made this game qualify as a worthy championship game was the fact that it was competitive throughout. Each team looked dominant at times, but control oscillated. Both teams played at a fast pace and had swarming defenses. KU had difficulty hitting three-pointers and Memphis made free throws until the end of regulation. Unless those factors changed in the closing minutes, the game would have had a completely different (and uninteresting) ending. Anyway, congratulations to KU and their fans. Finally, a game worth watching!

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