Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ungodly Hour

My apartment building management should either be commended for their efficiency... or imprisoned because of their idiocy. When I moved in six months ago, the building was just over halfway through their renovations - and the building was about fifty percent occupied. Now, all of the apartments have been completed... and now they are refinishing the parking lots. Anyone see a problem with this? Normally, there are an excess number of parking spaces (two garages and two surface lots) and the parking lot repairs wouldn't be a horrible inconvenience. However, the management has failed to realize that their simple three day resurfacing project happens to overlap with one of the garage renovations and the fact that the construction crew still occupies the complete second garage - leaving the now fully occupied building with one surface lot and one half of one garage. If the building was in a different location, this still wouldn't be a problem. Since the building is in downtown KC, there are no simple alternatives... that do not result in receiving parking tickets from the city (parking at a meter) or ending with being towed (parking in a city lot).

I get home last night at about ten thirty and the available parking lots are overfilled. Of my available options, I choose the street parking because at worst, the bastard city employees (as far as I know this is a universal rule... with one exception and that would be you, Dad) can do will be to write a thirty dollar ticket. Downtown KC meter parking starts at six a.m., six o'freaking clock! In effect - if you get back to your apartment late at night, you have to get up extremely early just to put money in the meter or move your car to another location. So my late evening has resulted in an early rise at an ungodly hour - but no ticket... this time.

On the docket for today... I am leaving work early! The lovely Ms. Florance has been bestowed with the honor of presenting a selection of her work to a group of her peers and I have been bestowed with the great honor of escorting her to this conference. Megan has purchased a new dress for the occasion and after getting the preview (complete with runway style turn) will be absolutely stunning. She will be knocking out the audience twice at this conference, once with her appearance then again with her words. As an added benefit for Megan, once her obligation at the conference is complete, it marks the end of a very stressful semester. Congratulations, Megan!

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