Tuesday, July 8, 2008

HD-DVD Offer

I purchased an HD-DVD attachment for my Xbox360 late last year. Yes, I know the format is now defunct, and new movies are not going to be released for it. But, the player was cheap and it came with Season 1 of Heroes and a five free movie rebate deal. In my defense, I did purchase the player before Blu-Ray won the format war. The way the rebate offer played out was pretty amusing. At the end of February, I sent in my selections for my free movies. They gave three choices for each of the five slots and these films were what I considered to be the best of each category:

The Italian Job
Pitch Black
The Frighteners

About a month after I sent in the offer, they sent it back with some problem and asked me to re-fill out the form. I did so and returned it. They arrived on Saturday with a note saying "some of the movies you requested were no longer available" and they hoped that their alternates (that were not even on the original list) were acceptable. Here were movies I received:

Knocked Up
Blood Diamond
Bourne Identity

You might have noticed that none of the movies I requested were actually received. Realistically, I am happier with the random HD-DVDs they sent me than the ones they allowed me to choose from. Why did they even allow me to "choose" if they didn't even send me one film from my list? Also, why did it take five months to put those movies into a container to ship? Anyway, maybe now I'll be motivated to plug the HD-DVD player into the 360. It's just been sitting there for months.


kilax said...

I've heard so many rebate horror stories, I guess you're lucky you got anything at all? Steven and I have never had problems with rebates, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had sent you Cheetah Girls, Alvin and the Chipmunks, RV, Step Up, or Hostel. Oh wait, did you like all those movies? I had a hard time coming up with ones I thought sounded sucky.

Andrew Skaff said...

Yeah, I had kind of given up on getting anything - especially since it was almost five months after I had sent in the form.
Do I like those movies? I own four of them.

kilax said...

Cheetah Girls is your fav of the 4, right?

Moflo said...

Um, all the movies they actually sent you are waaaaaaaay better than any of the movies you chose to begin with. You should be grateful.

But then again, we're not cinematically compatible according to Facebook. I have far better taste.

Andrew Skaff said...

kilax - Oh sure, I adored that movie.

Moflo - I am aware that Facebook says that we are cinematically incompatible - and that was proven by your love for the movie Sleepaway Camp. What a piece of crap! How could that possibly be in your Top 5 movies of all time?

The choices I made were by far the best picks from the ones they gave me. They don't typically put the best movies in the $2 bin at Walmart and these freebies. I am happier with the ones they sent.

Moflo said...

Ha ha. You're the one still talking about Sleepaway Camp. Do you have some kind of personal identification with the double gendered slasher?

Andrew Skaff said...

Uh.... no. I'm not the one that ordered the movie on DVD from Amazon right after watching it.

Moflo said...

I didn't order anything. I believe you are the one who just sent me the link for Sleepaway Camp 5 on imdb.

Can we say "unhealthy obsession?"