Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If Only...

This is an excerpt of a conversation between Megan's brother and his daughter, Lillian, from two weekends ago. I found the question to be absolutely hysterical... and the answer to be adorable. Lillian (the most adorable two year old little girl) had only moments ago, tipped over in a chair on the patio. She was probably just startled and scared, but was screaming. She had been rushed into the house and into the arms of her parents. After they had determined that she was going to be fine... this was the end of the conversation:

"Would some sort of frozen confection or cookie help to ease the pain?"
Lillian's tiny wavering voice barely cut through the tears "yes."

Once the frosted sugar cookie was in hand, everything was fine.

I am reminded of a time that I was playing basketball as an undergraduate and I had jumped up (the term "jump" is used loosely) for a rebound and I came down onto another player's foot. My foot folded to the side and my ankle actually touched the gym floor - in other words... I rolled my ankle. I remember the intense immediate pain and trying to "walk it off", which I did and continued playing. If only I would have had someone there to offer me a cookie and have the pain alleviated immediately. Maybe we should all carry cookies or some sort of frozen confection with us at all times.


Moflo said...

Also, the next time someone is trying to change my diaper, I'm going to wriggle around on the floor and say, "Mama, I need my space!"

Miss Jodi said...

I have only recently stopped carrying fruit snacks in my purse. I think both kids thought that they were the same as Tylenol. They cured everything from car sickness to bumped elbows.

Now I carry a flask.

well... that's not completely true. I only carry the flask to PTA meetings.

kilax said...

LOL @ Jodi.

Steven always has a granola bar on his person. Does that count?

Andrew Skaff said...

moflo - yes it was adorable when Lillian said that... but it really bothers me when you call me mama.

jodi - I'm sure that fruit snacks are much less messy than cookies or frozen confections. I'll have to remember the flask tip. Thanks!

kilax - I don't know, does Steven use it for when you hurt yourself while in his presence? If so... does it tend to work?