Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Post All-Star Game

Finally, after 15 innings, the All-Star Game has come to a close. The AL scored the winning run on a very close play at the plate after several exciting near ends to the game. Honestly, I think the home plate ump just wanted the game to be over and he intended on calling Morneau safe no matter what happened.

Typically, I hold an All-Star Game party ever year and have a group of friends come over, eat snack food, pizza and brownies throughout the entire game and make fun of the announcing duo of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Now that I'm in a different city it was time to start a new tradition - a unique tradition that I would have to guess there were very, very few people in the entire world that can say they did this. The beautiful and ingenious, Ms. Florance, came up with a way to combine three of America's favorite past times - drinking, swimming and baseball. That's right, we pulled a TV out onto the patio, consumed a few tasty beverages (woah, woah, we're not alcoholics, we had like two drinks during the course of the game) and watched the game while chillin' in the pool. Hell yeah! Seriously... the perfect woman!

Here's the recap of how I fared on my predictions:
Final Score: AL 9, NL 4 - the AL did win, although the final was less lopsided.
MVP: Hamilton - he did go 1-3 with a stolen base, but didn't factor into any of the runs. JD Drew deserved the award with the 2-run homer, stolen base and getting on base in extra innings three times.
Win/Loss: E. Santana/Sheets - I didn't really expect the game to go 15 innings, so I was way off on this one.
Bold Prediction #1: - Joakim "The Mexicutioner" Soria would appear in the game - This may not have seemed very "bold", but Royals players have a tendency to not make appearances in All-Star games. The east coast bias tends to leave the KC players on the bench, no matter how good they are, but since the game went to extra innings, Soria did get to pitch. Unfortunately, McCarver and Buck blah blahed all over his impressive knee-buckling strikeouts and general nastiness. He didn't have his best appearance, but he didn't give up any runs and he got out of a couple tight spot. Could a better nickname than The Mexicutioner even exist?
Bold Prediction #2: - McCarver bursts into flames - I didn't witness this happen during the game, but I'm sure it was on a time delay because of the live event, so I'm sure FOX would have covered it up if it did. I'm going to assume that it did happen, there isn't any evidence otherwise, so I'll call it good.

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