Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pre-All Star Game

As following a long standing tradition, I will make my annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game prediction. Since this is the first year that I have operated a blog, I will make my prediction available to the entire free world (or the eight people that will read this).

Final Score - American League 9, National League 4
MVP - Josh Hamilton (everything else good happens to this guy now, he's a shoo-in - I think he sold his soul to the devil)
Win/Loss - Ervin Santana will receive the win and the loss will go to Ben Sheets
Bold Prediction #1 - Royals representative, Joakim Soria, WILL appear in the game
Bold Prediction #2 - Tim McCarver will say something so inane and ridiculous, that he will spontaneously burst into flames on live television.

I know that my second prediction is rather... out there. I can hope, right?

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