Monday, April 20, 2009

Quotes for the Week #19

"So few remember that the Boston Tea Party began when George Washington and his ragtag troop of Union soldiers holed up in the Alamo surrounded by Nazis. Luckily, before Napoleon could bring in his Terminator reinforcements, Hannibal saved the Patriot army with his elite corp of elephant men. To this day, we still rally around the cry 'Remember the Ewoks!'." - Stephen Colbert

"I spent a month putting that Roladex on his Blackberry... which he now uses as a nightlight." - Pam Beesly

"How dare you refer to this young lady as your possession. She's my possession. I abducted her fair and square." - Chancellor Dongalor

"Marshall, you're no Lily. Lily is a diabolical puppet master, subtlety manipulating every situation to get exactly what she wants. She's pure evil, Marshall. You've got a good one there. Hang on to her." - Barney Stinson

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Anonymous said...

OMG - Dinah here just wanting to pay tribute to Chancellor Dongalor - this is like our new favorite show!!! When you laugh, i too am laughing....