Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Reunion Part II

Well, here I am again, awake at 4am for the second straight night, so what the hell, I may as well try to just clear my mind and just deposit it all here. I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to last night - the start of the ten year reunion, going to a high school football game then hanging out with a bunch of people that I barely remember. I was more concerned with catching up with just a few people and chatting with them. I thought this event would be a lot like high school was - cliques would form right up front and then everyone would stick to their groups throughout the night. I am very glad that things don't happen exactly as I expect... I think my life would be rather boring if I could predict how everything would unfold. Thankfully, we skipped the game and went straight to the bar, which turned out just fine.

I don't know if my class was just special in some way, but this seemed a lot less like preening and bragging about how great everyone was and how much money everyone makes - and a lot more like a group of people that actually wanted to be there just to catch up with each other. Social status didn't seem to matter, everyone seemed to talk to everyone. I think I had longer conversations with some people tonight than I did throughout high school (and in a couple cases, maybe even from grade school through high school combined). I have to admit, I am not a very social person and I don't tend to do a lot of mingling at parties, but tonight it didn't seem to matter. I felt comfortable talking to just about everyone and everyone seemed very genuine. I really don't remember being that accepted in high school, and I don't remember being able to sit at a table with my closest friends and have people come to us to talk - especially people that were cheerleaders or jocks back in the day.

I'm also shocked to find out that the number of people in my class that have finished or are close to finishing PhD or equivalent degrees is actually over ten now. What the hell? What was in the NKC water for this class? Ten PhDs from a class of 300 - that's absurd.

Anyway, day one of the reunion was a smash hit in my book. Tina and Shanna deserve a lot of credit, they did a great job. Now, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's events. One more quick note - Mike, Jim and Lori, you guys rock - I couldn't be prouder to have you guys as friends!

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