Monday, February 4, 2008

A Super Bowl Blah Blah Blah... Time for Baseball

Nearly all championship games (or series) seem to leave me with a feeling of dissatisfaction - and Super Bowl 42 was no exception. All too often there is so much time for the media to plug the event that it becomes completely uninteresting before the game even begins and there is no possibility of living up to expectations. It also didn't help that I despise one of the teams (the Giants) and having them win in such a defensive minded game was difficult to palate. Who is interested in seeing a defensive struggle between two teams played in February in a domed stadium in Phoenix, Arizona? Defensive struggles are meant to be played in inhumane conditions including sub-zero weather where the field is covered with snow, or the players are hampered because of constant pelting by freezing rain, or anything other than a temperature controlled, indoor environment in the freaking desert.

The main positive aspect of the game was that there were plenty of decent hits. But the fact that the Giants were so ridiculously lucky (getting away with push-offs, Eli escaping from the grasp of two defenders by simply turning and impossible one hand catches - trapping the ball against the helmet while no limb is in contact with the ground) made me hate this team even more. It is documented that I laughed out loud for quite some time when Eli got laid out in his first appearance in the NFL a few seasons ago - welcome to the league douchebag.

As in the World Series review from a few months ago, I have a difficult time with the announcing teams that Fox insists be in the broadcast booth. Again, Joe Buck is ok, but Troy Aikman (I will grant that he is at least 1000 times better than Tim McCarver) has had so many concussions that much of what he says is just gibberish. He tends to get stuck on things like this interpretation of an event in the second quarter. "Did you see that play that Justing Tuck made, what a great player that Justin Tuck is, Justin Tuck, Justin Tuck, Justin Tuck..." Yes, Troy Aikman, Justin Tuck played a great game, did you also know that Justin Tuck has been contracted by NASA to launch new satellites into orbit using only his bare hands and his remarkable skills as a discus thrower? Why didn't you mention that? You could have dropped the Justin Tuck name another six or seven times in one of your 60-word, never ending, run on sentences.

Finally, the Giants talk way too damn much and are now calling themselves a "dynasty killer". Bullshit. The game they just won basically came down to a coin toss, either team could have won that game and the Giants happened to get more lucky plays than the Patriots did. I refuse to recognize the Giants as Super Bowl champions this season. If I am asked who won in 2008, I will say that the NFL didn't even have a championship game that season.

Typically, there are only two positive things that come out of the Super Bowl for me; 1) This is literally the only time of the year that advertisements aren't skipped in my viewing of any event, and 2) This means the NFL season is finally over and the true American pastime is right around the corner. That's right, baseball will be back and soon. Pitchers and catchers report to training camp in just ten days. Finally, all this boring NFL media circus garbage is over, bring on the real sporting events. Maybe it will warm up around here now too... geez.

Christ, that was a total bitchfest, the next post will be less complaining, I promise.

Tomorrow - Review of the the SuperBowl advertisements.

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Gina said...

That was a total bitch fest. Blech. Suck one, Dr. Skaff.


The New York Times did a review on Mr. Buck and Mr. Aikman, I'll see if I can find you a link...