Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quotes for the Week #21

"Steve look at those kids, they're athletes. When was the last time you ran anywhere. I mean with your actual legs, not by pressing 'X'." - Roger

"We may not be winners, but we can be spoilers. History is filled with losers who've never won anything themselves, but who ruin the success of others: Ralph Nader, Judas, that kid who pulled scissors on me at the rock, paper, scissors tournament last year, stabbed me bad in the parking lot, ruined my concentration for the whole tourney. Anyway, if we beat Smith's team, it won't save our season, but it will spoil theirs. What do you say? Let's go out there and spoil!" - Roger

"Molina is one of those guys that it would take all day for him to run out of sight." - Ryan Lefebvre

"I wonder some times what he's doing right now. You know, like, what does a gamer do in real life without his computer? Would he start raiding tombs like Lara Croft? He used to watch her run for hours." - Ahmad

"Don't be dissing settings, bro. Settings are why people kiss under the Eiffel Tower and not the Paris Baguette. It's the reason Shakespeare set so many of his plays in Italy. Do you think sparks are going to fly if it's 'The Two Gentlemen of Detroit'?" - Trevor Pierce

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