Friday, January 4, 2008

Chiefs' Season Review

I originally planned to keep this short because I am capable of summarizing the Chiefs' 2008 season in a single word. But I feel obligated to introduce a new concept in athletic management performance review. It has ended up getting somewhat longer than anticipated, but if my proposal is put into effect, then it will all be worthwhile.

First of all, Kansas City fans didn't expect much from this team this season. A second year head coach was getting his first season with personnel of his choosing and undertaking the task of attempting to make the team younger while staying competitive. After the first seven games of the season, Herm (whom I will refer to by first name only because he has not earned enough respect for use a more proper moniker) appeared to be a genius. His team was 4-3 heading into the bye week with a chance to regroup, heal and prep for the rest of the season. What followed was a comedy of errors on all fronts and resulted in losing all nine remaining games in the season including losses to the lowly Jets and the freakin' Raiders (at home, ugh). You have to go back almost 30 years to find a season this bad in the Chiefs' record book. 30 years. 30 *expletive* years.

Post bye week, the offense quit producing entirely and the defense became so worn out (due to the ineptitude of the offense), that nothing was working on any level. They didn't just lose games, they discovered new ways to look like a laughing stock to the rest of the league. Two days ago, the team has announced the firing of the offensive coordinator and three other coaches. Also, they have decided that Brodie (again, lack of last name because he has not earned enough respect to deserve being called by anything other than his ridiculous first name - Brodie, what the hell kind of name is Brodie anyway?), is still the QB of the team and will not be drafting a potential replacement. These kinds of coaching decisions have deserved more action than the firing of four people.

This is where my proposal comes in to play. Because the team has performed at such a poor level, the entire staff comprising the management needs to be held accountable. The poor results on the field should be reflected more on the people behind the scenes than the personnel they have chosen to play on the field. The management, starting at the top with GM Carl Peterson and include the entire coaching staff and trainers, should all be lined up in the Arrowhead parking lot and then begin what will be referred to as - Trial By Firing Squad. If their bullet ridden bodies can survive, then they will be allowed to continue at their current positions. Those not so lucky, will have their newly opened positions will be filled with the best possible replacements available. I believe that some people might find this method to be somewhat harsh, but any true football fan will agree that something drastic must be done so that another season, like this one, cannot ever occur again.

The one word to describe the 2008 season, if anyone was curious - pathetic.

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