Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!

The weekend competition posting about the Name That Tune game has gotten a little out of hand and is being delayed even further by the fact that I have gotten somewhat busy at work. Today I have decided to preempt that post to wish Megan a very special and happy birthday and to tell a quick story about the birthday gift I have gotten for her.

For weeks I had racked my brain trying to figure out what to purchase for someone who has come to mean so much to me in a very short period of time. I tend to be fairly observant around people and usually do a "moderately decent" job picking out gifts that the recipient would really want/need but have it be something that they would not expect to receive as a gift. Megan and I have been dating for over a month now (but in terms of "time together as a couple vs. dating" we are much further along than that having spent at least part of every single day together since our first date) and I have had a multitude of opportunities to determine what she needs and wants.

Eventually, I decided on something rather extravagant in the column of something that I thought she would appreciate. But, I vowed to keep my senses perked and would be willing to change the gift to something else if she made mention of something specific that she clearly wanted. About ten days before her birthday, a mention of something was made. We were eating a fabulous lunch of leftovers from the dinner the night before in the "office" that is attached to my laboratory. She was making fun of the vintage telephone that resides on the office desk, and mentioned that she would like to have an even older, more useless, model of the phone for herself - a rotary phone. Of course, I made the mental note and began a search. The difference between the gift that I had planned and the rotary phone is clear - I knew that she wanted the rotary phone, but I only suspected that she'd like the other gift. From this birthday forth, it will forever be known as the year that Megan lost a Caribbean cruise to a rotary phone.

You're welcome, Megan, I hope you like your "new" phone!

As a quick bonus, here are the top five words from my vocabulary that Megan has appreciated me using in day-to-day conversation.

5. lax
4. prognosticate
3. musculature
2. acuity
1. corporeal

Disclaimer: Megan will not actually be receiving a rotary phone for her birthday, because I really do like her very much and would rather not have a rotary dial shaped impression on my forehead. I hope that she will like her gift(s), but she has been promised that if she is to guess the content(s) of the wrapped package, she will be getting the Caribbean cruise. Good luck, Megan!

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