Monday, January 26, 2009

Bye Bye Herm

Warning!: There will be at least one expletive in this post.

Scott Pioli, the new Kansas City Chiefs GM, fired head coach Herm Edwards on Friday... good FUCKING riddance! After the 2007 season, most Kansas Citians were ready to call for Herm's head (including myself). The 2008 season was the worst in team history even though the team spent the entire decade of the 80s being absolutely horrible. It was quite obvious that the city had enough Herm when the very mention of his name induced 80,000 people to begin booing at a non-sporting event (Obama rally prior to the election). Finally, with the ousting of former GM Carl Peterson, the Chiefs can take a new direction. I am just holding my breath that Pioli doesn't bring in Shanahan (former Broncos' coach) or Iowa's Kirk Ferentz. Those are the last two coaches I would ever want to see in on the Chiefs' sideline. As long as Herm is gone, I am happier with the direction the team is going. Go Chiefs!

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