Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII: Live

5:17 pm: What the hell is this? Isn't this a football game? Faith Hill and some *expletive* choir is on the field. FOOTBALL GAME. Now they're parading the crew of the plane crash around, for what? FOOTBALL GAME. This isn't some variety show... it's a FOOTBALL GAME.

5:22 pm: The GI Joe commercial has been better than anything shown during the so called pre-game show... for a FOOTBALL GAME.

5:26 pm: Why is General Patreaus on the field... doesn't he have more important things to do? The all important coin toss goes to... Arizona. For the most ridiculous stat I have ever heard - the NFC has won the coin toss for 12 straight Super Bowls.

5:29 pm: I never expected to hear an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote from anyone during this broadcast. I would have been even more surprised if it came from John Madden.

5:38 pm: The Steelers' offense looks explosive on their first drive. How did Arizona's defense let Ward get THAT open? Pittsburgh's head coach, Mike Tomlin, looks like a genius... so far. Pittsburgh 7, Arizona 0.

5:42 pm: Perhaps I was a tad hasty with my previous post... The TD was challenged and overturned resulting in Pittsburgh settling for a field goal. Tomlin is possibly only of above average intelligence. Pittsburgh 3, Arizona 0.

5:51 pm: Arizona's first offensive possession is unimpressive. Steelers' defense looks formidable.

5:57 pm: Roethlisberger has single-handedly made this game interesting.

6:01 pm: Even though it's only 3-0 at the end of the first quarter, Pittsburgh looks dominant.

6:09 pm: Good old-fashioned Pittsburgh offense secures the game's first TD. Steelers 10, Cardinals 0.

6:13 pm: The Star Trek trailer was SWEET!

6:21 pm: Arizona is back in it. Anquan Boldin, broken face and all, made a key reception, and old man Kurt Warner puts his team on the board with a two yard TD pass. This is shaping up to be quite a game. Wow! Steelers 10, Cardinals 7.

6:55 pm: What a finish to the half! Arizona is two yards from taking the lead and James Harrison picks off Warner at the goal line and runs it 100 yards to the opposite endzone. Arizona had good field position on their last two drives but has come up completely empty. Halftime score - Steelers 17, Cardinals 7.

7:02 pm: NBC needs about seventeen more analysts behind the desk for the halftime show... five just isn't enough.

7:17 pm: The half time show doesn't suck as much as I thought it would - it's actually not that bad. By the way, so far every one of my predictions from earlier tonight... look completely wrong. Figures.

8:15 pm: The game has become a defensive battle with only a field goal in the second half to this point. Arizona has finally gotten to Roethlisberger for a sack after letting him escape on numerous occasions. Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 7.

8:26 pm: A quick TD drive for Arizona brings the game within one score. Now it's up to the Cardinals' defense to give Warner/Fitzgerald a chance. It should be a good finish. Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14.

8:31 pm: Arizona got the defensive stand they absolutely needed. The offense has 5:28 to go 75 yards. It's definitely do-able... They just have to avoid the turnover.

8:39 pm: Huge third down play for Arizona, but Pittsbugh's defense comes up with the stop.

8:44 pm: Woah... a third and 10 from their own one yard line play that turns from a 20-yard pass to Holmes into a safety because of holding in the end zone. Wow! That's a game changer. Arizona gets another shot at the lead with 2:53 to go and 64 yards from victory.

8:48 pm: Holy shit! I guess Arizona only needed two plays to get the job done. Larry Fitzgerald gets open and races into the end zone with only 16 seconds coming off the clock. What a game! Arizona 23, Pittsburgh 20.

9:01 pm: Holy shit again! Holmes makes a ridiculous catch in the back corner of the end zone in TRIPLE COVERAGE!!! Assuming the review stands... Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23.

9:07 pm: 15 seconds, 45 yards, two shots at the end zone for Arizona...

9:10 pm: What no review on that fumble? That's it. Pittsburgh holds on in one of the most impressive Super Bowl games I've seen in a long, long time. Final score - Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23.

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