Monday, March 14, 2011

Triathlon Training Week 4

Monday March 7 - Basketball, 90 min - Guarded the other low-post player and got beaten up by repeated elbows to the arms and chest.  Definitely need a day or two to recover from that.  Ugh.

Tuesday March 8 - Rest

Wednesday March 9 - AbRipperX - Up to almost 50%

Thursday March 10 - 5K + 1.75 mile run.  So, I wanted to see what my 5K time would be if I tried to run fairly quickly, just to see where I was compared to 5K runs from last year.  Turns out, I'm not too far off of last year's paces.  I kept all three miles under 10 min/mi pace and had neg splits - 9:56, 9:48, 9:26, 0:56 (0.1 mile - 9:05/mi pace) for a 5K time of 30:06.  Pacing wise, this was 37 seconds/mile faster than the last 5K I did last year - The World's Maize-iest Maze Race in Spring Grove, IL (race recap here via IlaxStudio, because I was too lazy to write one myself).  I ended up tacking on a 1.75 mile (very slow) jog to this run, because I had nothing better to do that night.  My ankle started bothering me after the 5K and I wanted to see how I could compensate for it should this injury come up in an actual run.  It was annoying, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Macken Park 5K + 1.75mi Slow Run by daskaff at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday March 11 - AbRipperX - Passed the 50% mark. 

Saturday March 12 - Bike/Run Brick - 14.8 mile bike/3.7 mile run.  It was finally warm enough on a weekend day that I could get my bike out for a test ride.  Last year at this time, I had yet to even own a bike, so simply getting it out means, by definition, that I would be ahead of last year... right?  My first brick of 2010 wasn't until about mid to late April, so if I bike then run, I should be WAY ahead of last year... maybe.  The Downtown KC Airport is a great place to bike - it's a 3.7 mile loop around the airport with minimal traffic and there's a couple hills, but mostly straight and flat.  The downside, since there is no cover at ground level, is the wind, which you have to eat for about 1.5 miles straight.
The ride was alright, the seat was uncomfortable (as usual) almost immediately, which (along with the wind) reminds me that I need to lose about 25 pounds.  Excess weight and the loose clothing I had to wear because it was somewhat chilly, killed my speed during the straight away facing the wind.  I ended up doing 4 laps of the airport for a total of 14.8 miles.  Splits were - 15:50, 15:59, 16:19, 16:24.  Total time - 64:32.  My average speed for the ride was only slightly slower than last year.  
When I finished the bike portion, I tossed the bike back in the car, drank some water, then ran one lap around the airport (if only the airport threw a small lake in there somewhere, I could practice the whole damned thing).  The 3.7 mile run took 39:45.  Splits - 10:34, 10:55, 10:53, 7:23 (0.67 mile - 10:59 pace).  Again, the times weren't that far off of my triathlon pace from last year and my endurance isn't terribly far off of last year either.  Today's bike and run were each 60% of the distance of the full triathlon distances.  

Bike/Run Brick - 14.8 mile Bike/3.7 mile Run by daskaff at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday March 13 - Rest

Week 4 Summary  I had been pretty worried that I was months behind in my training compared to last year.  At this time last year, I had focused almost exclusively on swimming (because I was basically a beginner), didn't own a bike, and had run about 10 miles.  I felt like I was in shape and weighed 215 pounds.  This year, I only have been playing a lot more basketball, only have about 3 swims in, but almost 50 miles of running and now 15 miles of biking as well as the experience of last year's triathlon.  I feel like I am in adequate shape, but weigh 230 pounds (started 2011 at almost 240 though).  After this week, I honestly feel better about my position in training than I have at any point this year.  I now have proof that my endurance is still there and my weight is going in the correct direction.

Totals for Week 4
Swim - 0 miles
Bike - 14.8 miles
Run - 8.6 miles
Other - Basketball, AbRipperX x2

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