Monday, March 21, 2011

Triathlon Training Week 5

Monday, March 14- Basketball - 90 min.  Same as last week, guarded the other low-post player and got pummeled with elbows... but wasn't quite as rough as the week before. 

Tuesday, March 15 - Recovery from basketball

Wednesday, March 16 - Swinney Lap Swim.  30 lap total swim (distance - 1500 yd) 10 laps, short rest, then back to back 10 lap sets.  Splits were - 11:05 (+ 1:19 rest), 12:00 and 12:23.  This is the triathlon distance.  Total time - 36:49.  Each set of 10 laps consisted of 85% freestyle swim and 15% breaststroke for recovery. 

Swinney Lap Swim by daskaff at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, March 17 - Macken Park 6.8 Mile Run.  Stupidly, I hadn't charged my Garmin watch in a while... and the battery died during this run, so I only have the first 2.27 miles of the run.  I did manage to break my personal distance record (of 6.7 miles on 3/5/11) by a whopping, 0.1 miles!  The splits were -10:20, 10:32, 11:00*, 11:00*, 11:00*, 11:00*, 8:48* (0.8 mile - 11:00 pace).  Total time - 73:40*.  I'm pretty sure that I was going faster than the 11:00/mile pace, but I have no proof, so I'll just have to make sure to charge the watch so it can stay on for the whole run. 
*Estimate based on average laps from previous 10K run at Macken Park 12 days earlier

Macken Park 6.8 mile run - partial record by daskaff at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday, March 18 - Rest

Saturday, March 19 - Rest

Sunday, March 20 - 10K run in Ames.  I was in Ames for Saturday and Sunday and happened to stay with my old college roommate, Craig, who ran a half-marathon last year in Des Moines.  Since he's training for that again this year, I brought my running gear along for the trip and joined him for a 10K around Ames.  It was a pretty nostalgic run.  We started at Craig's place, went along the south side of Campustown, up University Ave, around the stadiums, then back down Lincoln Way, which is along the south side of the Iowa State University campus, back to our starting point. We managed to run negative splits, except for one mile that we missed by 2 seconds because of a couple hills which also coincided with when it rained on us for a bit.  All in all, easily the best run of the year!  Thanks, Craig!  Split times were -10:40, 10:26, 10:14, 10:10, 10:11, 10:04, 1:52 (0.21 mi - 9:08 pace).  Total time - 63:37.

Ames 10K run by daskaff at Garmin Con63:3nect - Details

Week 5 Summary  I had decided with the successful brick from last week, that I could take it somewhat easy this week.  I want to stay off the bike for at least this week to try to drop a few more pounds, but definitely wanted to get back in the pool.   This week's successes were doing the full distance swim with only minimal rest, extending my running personal distance record and cutting 4 min 23 seconds off my 10K time.  Wow!  That's not too bad for a taking it somewhat easy week. 

Totals for Week 5
Swim - 0.90 miles
Bike - 0 miles
Run - 13.0 miles
Other - Basketball

Week 6 Goals  I would like to get in two swims, two runs (one focusing on speed at Macken and one focusing on distance at the hills of 68th St), one bike, the regular basketball session and do the AbRipperX workout.

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