Monday, February 18, 2008

Elaborate Practical Joke

Yahoo! News had a fantastic sports related story on the main page this morning. I appreciate a good practical joke, but this was quite impressive. Brett Myers (the guy with the goatee in the video below) of the Phillies involved so many people in this ludicrous gag that second year player Kyle Kendrick had no chance. The video starts with the team manager calling Kendrick into his office to explain that Kendrick had been traded to Japan (which, in reality, isn't even possible). As this is being discussed, the Phillies' assistant GM hands over paperwork to sign. After leaving the office Kendrick passes on the details of the situation to Myers (who masterminded the prank). Following this interaction, Kendrick has to discuss his feelings about the trade to the media. Finally, Myers tells Kendrick that he's been "punked" and that it was all made up. It's great seeing the relief on Kendrick's face after being told it was all fake. From management to the players to the media, the prank was perfectly executed, captured on video and now released to the public. Check it out.


Gina said...

ahh, baseball is back. In my opinion, MLB does the best practical jokes and showcase the best bloopers ever.

Bro said...

That is pretty funny. It's also kind of sad that he fully trusts the managers to make decisions that affect his life so dramatically.

Andrew Skaff said...

gina - I'm happy to see anything baseball related, even if it's just clips of spring training practices. It's been a long, cold winter.

bro - The younger players don't have that much (if any) control over those decisions. Aren't you glad that your boss can't trade you to the Geek Squad for future considerations?