Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Come Up with Something New...

...when you can just steal someone else's ideas?

I liked the post that Kim made yesterday so much, that I decided to post my own version of the CD album cover. Using the same tactics of the randomized Wikipedia search for the band name. Then use the last four words of the final quote from a random quote list as the album title. Finally, the third photo from a random flickr photo set as the album cover art. After throwing it together - here is the resulting album cover for my "band."

I was amused that the random article pulled up something science related. GPR12 stands for G protein-coupled receptor 12 - not that anyone will really find that intriguing. Additionally, I'm sure that Kim will appreciate the album title - I will leave it open to anyone wanting to identify to whom the quote is attributed.

Just for fun, I made a second with a slightly less randomized selection method. I still followed the rules about the third photo and the last four words from the last quote, but I just kept refreshing until I found something that was "cool." For inquiring minds - I never went more than four deep in this selection process... It wasn't difficult to find something interesting.

Honestly, if I ever were to start a band - I would totally use either of these. What a great method for coming up with ideas, just make it a random selection. Brilliant!


kilax said...

Ooo, yours turned out way cooler than mine! I wish mine would have been karbonite gears!

Andrew Skaff said...

kilax - yeah, karbonite gears is the one that I cheated to make. You really shouldn't be jealous over that one.

Gina said...

the sad thing is, I could play this game all day!

Andrew Skaff said...

gina - I'm glad that Kim decided to do this on her blog. It was a blast!

Jim said...

This is pretty intriguing, so I had to try.

Band name: Mortal Wound (actually this came up 2nd. The first was the Greek coup d'etat of 1843, but I thought that was a bit long for a band name)

Album name: Use it like a giant

Album cover art:

I like the way this ended up. Something to try every once and a while. I do like the Karbonite Gears name though.

Oh, and Skaff. That was Yoda. Do or Do not.

Andrew Skaff said...

Jim - Excellent band name: Mortal Wound... it doesn't get much better than that - especially with that cover art.

You are correct, sir, the quote was from Yoda. Congrats, if there was a prize, you would have just won it.