Friday, February 1, 2008

Official Responses

It has been requested by a few different people, and now it will be delivered. Anyone wanting to hear the "other" side of some of these stories about the competitions between Megan and I, is in luck. Although I have already said that my interpretation of the events is completely factual and exactly as it happened, some people don't seem to believe me. Because of this, a blog that Megan has been keeping secret until the appropriate time has now become available (a link to her site has also been added to the "Links" section on the right side of this page under the heading of Megan's Blog About Flowers and Bunnies). Now, her voice will be heard - in a forum other than the comments section of this blog.

Be warned: Megan's blog could be considered to be not as "reserved" as mine tends to be. Children should be removed from the room during the viewing of her site. Heart patients and easily excitable elderly persons should know in advance that viewing of Megan's blog may cause sudden increases in blood pressure and shortness of breath and, in some cases, fainting and even death. All joking aside, Megan is a professional (I am just, what I refer to as, a moderately decent, semi-amateur writer).

For quick references however, I will provide (below) the direct links to the alternate versions of the posts that appeared on this blog. I'm sure that everyone will enjoy hearing "both sides" of these stories. As I mentioned in my previous post, if anyone wants to try to figure out what actually occurred, you are more than welcome. If any body does manage to piece together the true events, they should win some sort of prize. Maybe I can work out something like that.

For Megan's version of the the Anatomy of an Eat-Off Part I and Part II posts, click here.

For Megan's version of the Name That Tune competition, click here.

For the actual gifts that Megan received for her birthday (none of which involved a rotary phone) , click here.


Miss Jodi said...

It's really cool to see you having so much fun with someone. It has to be fun - otherwise, what's the point?


Gina said...

sorry no time to leave you a comment...must go see Megan's blog...