Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials - Part II

As promised, here are, what I consider to be, the five worst ads airing during the Super Bowl. These ads mostly fall into the following categories - Why? and What?. The first meaning, you spent 2.7 million dollars, then aired...that. The second meaning - does anyone watch these things before sending them to be aired?

I have debated about placing the videos of the worst clips on this blog (as I did with the Top 10 list) and I have finally made my decision. I will only place links to the videos because I don't want to see most of this crap when I flip back through my own site. Seeing the links doesn't seem as bad. If any one is upset by this decision, I can go back and embed the files. For now, links it is.

#5 - - 100 free sales leads
This is one really made me think. The company spent 2.7 million dollars to air an ad that could not have required more than 46 dollars to produce. Maybe it would have been a good idea to only pay for one spot instead of three (yes three, so $8+ million and three different ads that all stunk), and made a single ad that was worth watching. A child could have produced this drivel.

#4 - Amp Energy - Jump start
Fat guy, exposed nipples clamped with jumper cables = not what anyone really wants to see. From the realism standpoint - wouldn't it be more energy efficient to just clamp the jumper cables to the pickup instead of powering all of those speakers so the disgusting obese man can dance? Annoying and sickening - a losing combination.

#3 - Tide to Go - Talking Stain
As appealing as stains on clothing are... how about we make it speak, but not English, just gibberish and loud gibberish. Yes, Tide, you succeeded. You annoyed me visually and audibly. If only we could get the senses of smell, taste and touch through a television - I'm sure you would have annoyed all five of my senses.

#2 - Vitamin Water - Shaq as a jockey
It doesn't get much more disturbing than this. A 340 pound man riding a horse in a race? My stomach actually turned during this ad. I pray that this was all done using computers and they didn't destroy an actual animal to produce this commercial.

#1 - Planters - Perfume
I know I'm being superficial, but gross. Who wants to see hideously ugly people on television? Then who wants to see someone (that happens to be hideously ugly) rub a cashew on their skin as a perfume? Planters has produced some bizarre ads in the past, but WTF? It started being detestable from the first frame and I was even more disgusted when it was over. Now, a full four days later and I'm still sickened at even the thought of this advertisement. Thanks Planters, I'll buy the HyVee brand for a while until this ad is out of my freakin' head. Gross.

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