Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Challenge Shocker

Megan and I broke out a bottle of chilled champagne and a couple boxes of fine chocolates. What was the cause for celebration? The Academy Awards, of course. It has been decided that we would begin a tradition of tossing back a little champagne on award show nights and spend the show entertaining each other with our witty banter.

I brought along two copies of the list of nominees and we made a little competition out of the evening which provided an added reason to pay attention to the categories not worth watching. How is sound mixing is different than sound editing? Although neither of us had seen any of the foreign language films or the animated films, making a competition of it attaches something personal to the event.

To make it interesting, we tied a reward system into it. Should Megan win the competition, she would chose to make me construct an Oscar-style formal dress for her of my own design. Since I have no experience sewing beyond the simple bag I was forced to make in home economics class in middle school (it was mandatory you bastards), it would be quite a challenge. However, I have watched Project Runway, so that makes me some kind of expert in the design and construction of fashionable clothing... right?

Unfortunately for me, I had so little faith in my own abilities to win any type of challenge against my formidable opponent, I did not even select a reward if I were to win. So, making a long story short, I end up winning the competition 13-12 and have nothing to show for it but bragging rights. Actually, I owe my victory to my often unnerving ability to remember almost everything that is spoken in my presence. Megan had mentioned during the SAG awards that she thought Marion Cotillard should win Best Actress. I remembered this and assumed that she would stick with her previous choice to take the category. The idea being - if I chose Cotillard also, at the very least, I wouldn't lose any ground. Had I not employed this somewhat devious tactic, the event would have ended in a tie with no victor declared. Well, I guess it doesn't matter since I don't really get anything for winning, and she's still in possession of my soul. Dammit, why didn't I ask for my soul back as the reward?


Gina said...

haha, when I read that you didn't pick a reward, I was thinking to myself, "did he not remember that he doesn't own a soul anymore...??"

I wanted to watch the awards, I even sat through the red carpet crap on E! But right after the pre-show stuff, The Soup came on and I couldn't resist watching it.

Andrew Skaff said...

I always seem to remember important details hours or sometimes minutes after they would have been useful.

I skipped all the "red carpet crap" and went straight to the Oscars. Between the two of us, we saw the entire event then, right?