Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials - Part I

The advertisements airing during the Super Bowl are the only commercials guaranteed to be watched by anyone. This year, as with every year, there were ads that could be considered to justify the $2.7 million (per 30 seconds of airtime) price tag. Other ads made it obvious that they spent their entire budget on getting their product aired and had nothing left for producing anything of quality.

In honor of an inferior collegiate conference (the Big 10), I will post what I consider to be the Top 10 commercials of the Super Bowl complete with embedded video for your viewing pleasure. Tomorrow I will post what I consider to be the worst of the advertisements in the Shameful Bottom 5.

#11 - SoBe Life Water - Lizards dance to Thriller
The ad had great animation, good choice of music and nice touch of humor with the lizard eating the insect without missing a step in the routine. Honestly, I had to look it up to find out who the woman in the ad was. So, what was the purpose of having Naomi Campbell?

#10 - Pepsi Max - Nodding off
It has a great start because I always want to nod off listening to Aikman talk. Apparently I have a very short attention span now, because I was actually getting bored in the middle, but they brought it back with a nice gag at the end.

#9 - Bud Light - Wine and cheese party
Humorous spot, as expected. Couldn't they have made the cheese even larger to accommodate, say, a 20-bottle pack?

#8 - Audi - Godfather parody
What a great looking car. The parody was good as well.

#7 - Bridgestone - Screaming
I wasn't expecting the squirrel to scream, so I really wasn't expecting all of the other screaming either.

#6 - Budweiser - Dalmatian trains horse
It tells a one year story in one minute. Who wouldn't be impressed?

#5 - - Justin Timberlake
JT gets thrown in a river, racked by a mailbox, rips off a car door... and then gets clubbed with an HD TV. What's not to like?

#4 - Doritos - Mousetrap
I nearly picked this as my favorite spot, but the actual part that made me laugh was just the last second. I can't justify a #1 ranking for one second of an ad, can I? I think I came to my senses in time.

#3 - Fedex - Carrier pigeons
Fedex clearly spared no expense on this advertisement. There's technology, genetic mutants and destructive carnage. All in a one minute spot.

#2 - Bridgestone - Squirrel/Alice Cooper/Richard Simmons
The only thing that the #3 ad was lacking was hilarity and the top two spots have it. I was expecting something similar to Bridgestone's ad airing previously during the Super Bowl, and they delivered a variation on the theme that caught me off guard... again - and then again during the same commercial. Why was Alice Cooper standing in the road with a snake? Accelerating into the Richard Simmons bit was a great touch.

#1 - Bud Light/Semi-pro - Jackie Moon advertising "outtakes"
I flipped back and forth between this ad and the #2 ad multiple times, but this spot is just so freaking funny. Each "outtake" is funny and that ridiculous uniform just amplifies the hilariousness. I'll probably only catch the movie on DVD, but - "refreshes the palate... and the loins" and the phrase "suck one" are going to be repeated for days, if not weeks or longer. Will Ferrell, I assumed that you couldn't be a lead character in anything other than a nearly unwatchable era of SNL - you proved me wrong before (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and continue to do so (Blades of Glory).


Jim said...

I definitely agree with you that Jackie Moon is going to be hilarious. Any commercial/preview I see for this movie is awesome.

Alice Cooper was holding a snake, not a horn. It's much more appropriate for him to be holding a python. Too bad Richard Simmons was not harmed in the making of this commercial.

My favorite commercial is really 2 of them, the 2 E-Trade commercials featuring the baby making a trade and then puking. Next talking about getting a clown with all his savings, and then the clown creeping him out. I'm not afraid of clowns, but have heard enough conversation about it to find this hilarious.

In my mind the only real contention I have with your list is the Budweiser commercial with the dog training the horse. By far the worst commercial there was. I liked the Talking Stain more than this one. Maybe mine is a heart of stone but this one was lame. At least the one a few years ago had them playing football. That was original. What, do I have to say to Rocky-themed commercials? "Bitch, please."

Andrew Skaff said...

Jim - There is an extended version of the Jackie Moon/Bud Light ad on youtube, if you're interested.

"Drink Bud Light, or I'll kill you with the wrong end of a basketball."

You are correct about the Alice Cooper statement, and the correction has been made. Thank you.

As you found the Rocky themed Dalmatian trains horse ad tired and overdone, I found the talking baby ads in the same manner. The should have stopped all of that nonsense after Look Who's Talking - with the proof being Look Who's Talking Too. There is only one exception - Stewie on Family Guy. I have this to say in summation - "Suck one".

Thanks for the comment, Jim - Keep them coming!