Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Seven - As Clean As It Gets

(For previous posts see Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six)

Today marks the seventh and final day in Seven Beards in Seven Days. It is also the first time in the last nine years that I have used an actual razor. Let me just say... it was a very strange experience (luckily, I didn't shred the hell out of my face and only ended up with some minor burn). Anyway the scruff is gone and (with the exception of the goateed section) is extremely smooth (strange). While Day Seven may be the final beard in the series... but Seven Beards in Seven Days will continue for two more posts!

Coming up... Quotes for the Week #13 and Seven Beards in Seven Days: Epilogue


lestlie said...

It's already over? Sad. It'll be weird seeing el Blog de Dr Skaff existing as an actual blog and not as a huge hype machine.

You need a new gimmick. I'm thinking lemmings and cabbage. GO.

Red said...

Are you gonna shave it all off?
there's a good idea for your next series. "7 Days Without 7 Beards"!

Andrew said...

Lestlie - Lemmings and cabbage sounds like a topic for your blog... oh wait, you don't write a blog anymore, right? You just want to challenge people to writing contests... then not participate. Interesting.

Red - I think the goatee is going to stay... but I am going to need a new series to blog about. You never know.

lestlie said...

Um, I will have you know that I totally blogged this morning!

I just need to get back on a schedule, or maybe find a job that lets me slack and blog at work.

Andrew said...

Holy crap, you did blog today (I actually didn't believe you, I had to go and check before responding to your comment)! Unbelievable!

Blogging at work is pretty sweet.