Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Three - Old Trusty

So the old beard has gone from "The Mountain Man" to "Controlled Chaos" (Day One, Two), so today is the return to normalcy... the "Old Trusty". My old friend, the standard Dr. Skaff beard, has come home. All but the goatee has been trimmed with a trimmer to uniformity. While the goatee is still somewhat long, it has been shaped (somewhat) with scissors to blend into the trimmed portion of the beard.

Coming up... Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Four - The Return of... The Badass


lestlie said...

Seeeeeen it. I'm curious to see the beard for have to wear that mutha to the bar.

Andrew said...

I just hope I don't screw up transition from today's beard to tomorrow's. It's cake from there out. Friday's beard will be a good one... a "bar worthy" beard.