Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Two - Controlled Chaos

The first permutation of the beard is a cleaning up of The Mountain Man look from Day One. The stragglers have been trimmed away from the cheeks and the beard no longer creeps down the neck (that part has been driving me crazy for the last week or so - I am quite happy in having that removed). While it is still plenty long, some form of order has been established and the beard now has been more clearly defined by use of the trusty beard trimmer. So long Mountain Man, Controlled Chaos is here to stay... for another few hours.

Coming up... Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Three - Old Trusty


Steven said...

Fraud! That does not count as a separate beard. That is just a kempt version of the 1st one...or the first one is the unkempt version of this one (whichever way you want to look at it). That does not constitute a separate beard style. This should be renamed "6 beards in 7 days." If you made it noticeably shorter it would pass as a separate style.

Andrew said...

Can't you read? It has a separate name. If it has a separate name, then it MUST be a different beard. Duh!?! Plus, this beard didn't itch all day long like the other one did (for the last three weeks). Seven Beards in Seven Days lives on!