Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Six - Goatee and Scruff

(For previous posts see Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five)

It's time for "The Badass" look to go away for a while (dammit), but the series must continue! For the sixth day, the sideburns have been trimmed back to a reasonable, more professional-in-appearance length. To this point, nothing but the beard trimmer has been used... but that changes tomorrow. Six down and one to go!

Coming up... Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day Seven - As Clean As It Gets


Red said...

This has been a great series, but you haven't done the one I'd really like to see. I guess it'll have to wait til next time.
The one I wanted to see was the "Homeless-mumbling-to-himself-scuffling-down-the-street-'have-ya-got-any-spare-change-cause-my-car-ran-out-of-gas-and-I'm-tryin'-ta-get-ta-Beloit-ta-see-my-uncle-for-a-job-at-the-foam-rubber-factory-cause-he-says-he'll-make-me-a-supervisor-cause-there's-big-money-in-foam-rubber-management-these-days-cause-that's-what-they-make-ladies'-underthings-from...'-fading-into-unintelligible-mumbo-jumbo" guy.
When ya gonna do that one?

Steven said...

Hey, you almost look respectable! You should consider going back to this one when you are done.

Andrew said...

Red - I think I'll have to start from scratch to capture that look. Give me a couple months and I'll see what I can do...

Steven - "Almost respectable" was what I was aiming for! Sweet!