Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seven Beards in Seven Days: Prologue

After weeks of hype about Seven Beards in Seven Days its finally here. The question most people probably have is... what the hell is Seven Beards in Seven Days and why does that idiot keep plugging something that sounds so ridiculously absurd? The response... (first off - geez, why the harsh tone?) Seven Beards in Seven Days is an expansion on a previous social experiment. I made the realization that it has been nearly nine years since I've used anything other than a trimmer while "shaving". I think the time has come to try something a little different. But what's the point in just shaving? It should be an event... right?

Here is the concept... Monday will kick off a pictorial guide to the process of going from the current state (an unkempt look) to an ordered and at least mostly clean shaven face during the course of a seven day week. Each day will have a (hopefully) noticeably different beard. Since I am working this week, each beard must be acceptable in a work setting (but since I work at a university, pretty much anything symmetrical would be acceptable) and each beard will be worn for approximately 24 hours. Updates will appear on this blog daily throughout the series - so, expect regular, daily posts all week (shocking, right?)!

In preparation for Seven Beards in Seven Days, I was forced to acquire some products I have not had in my arsenal for quite some time. I now own a razor and shaving cream... weird. So, this is happening. Most of the people I hang around with now days will see me without a full beard for the first time ever, and family and old friends will see a semi-clean shaven look for the first time in nearly a decade. Check back tomorrow for the first part of the series.

Coming up... Quotes for the Week #12 and Seven Beards in Seven Days: Day 1


lestlie said...

All that hype....for an INTRO?

Well played, Doctor. Well played.

Andrew said...

Thank you, thank you. Along with my PhD, I also have a BS... but you probably guessed I was plenty full of that anyway, right?