Monday, November 12, 2007

Chiefs' Rant

First, I have a quick extension from the previous post. I realized last night that I was missing one vital requirement for the new apartment... lighting. There are some provided fixtures in the apartment (entryway, kitchen, bathroom), but the living room and bedroom don't have anything. This did make setting up electronics and rearranging a little more challenging in those rooms after dark. I made due and did manage to get a lot done. So, on the list for today's trip to the store - lamps. Another day or two and I think that I'll be done putting stuff away... sweet!

And now... back to the regularly scheduled post -

Being a Chiefs' fan, I feel obligated to watch the games. Unfortunately, watching the Chiefs' this season is a little like sitting in the chair at the dentist. Just sitting there is unpleasant and constantly anticipating the worst is the norm. The Chiefs' are managing just barely over two touchdowns a game, which makes non-existent the best descriptor for the team's offense. I don't like seeing players get booed by their own fans, but QB Damon Huard probably deserves it. It's difficult to have much faith in a player that has incredible difficulty in completing screen passes - WTF, you're only throwing the ball around ten yards total to an uncovered running back. The fans have been begging to have second-year man Brodie Croyle take over the reins. He's been plugged by the team as being their future leader, so get him out there and give him a shot. Huard isn't getting the job done and the Arrowhead crowds are letting him know it. That kind of pressure has to get into his head and surely effects his game performances. Croyle has a strong arm and seems to know how to find his receivers. When Huard went down in the second half, some fans cheered, probably not because they wanted him to be injured (I'd like to think that the KC fans show more class than to cheer when one of their own gets hurt), but because it forces the coaching staff to make the decision to go to Croyle. Because he lacks experience in the pros, he is expected to make mistakes... and he did make a few, but turning the team over to Croyle will give the fans some hope and provide some insights into how good Croyle can be. If he is the future of this club, then let him prove it. Herm Edwards (Chiefs' head coach) is, reportedly, going to sleep on the decision to stick with Croyle for the next game. I fear that the fans will revolt if Edwards decides to go back to Huard, but the next game is on the road against the Colts. So... do you let your young QB get pounded into the ground by Indianapolis, or put Huard back out there and save Croyle for the next home game? Either way, I think the Chiefs have to make the transition to prevent the uprising of the fans. How can Edwards not turn it over to Croyle?


Gina said...

I'm sorry you said football and then everything went blank.

Did you get the lamps?

Andrew Skaff said...

I did get the lamps, and they did help me see what I was doing. I take it you're not a Giants or Jets fan. Don't you support your home teams?

Gina said...

Not much of a football fan. Now, baseball and hockey is another story!