Friday, November 16, 2007

An Even Longer Day - Update Number 2

The day is finally over - 18.5 hours in total (at work, but I've been up for over 20 straight hours now). I will mention one hilarious side point before I head out for a couple hours of sleep. The ultrafuge almost did crap out on me tonight - within 15 minutes of me making a "joke" about it in the previous post. I finished the second of three runs on it, pulled out the rotor, then it made this crazy humming sound and shut itself off, then refused to come back on. I didn't even know it could turn itself off, but it did. After a few minutes of expletive laced comments directed at it, I managed to come up with an alternative method of completing my evenings tasks. For the hell of it, I tried to turn the ultrafuge back on right before I needed it for the third run (20 minutes later) and it was fine... as if nothing had happened earlier. I don't know what it's deal was, but it made the final run just fine, so whatever, I guess.
Anyway, it's time for some sleep. If I hurry, I might get home by 4 am. I think I might be a tad late in the morning, but it's probably justified. Good night!

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