Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Path of a Procrastinator

Fairly often I find myself just searching for something to do instead of what I should be doing (i.e. working, cleaning or whatever else needs to be done). Many times I will simply play a video game of some kind to, as I like to call it, keep my mind sharp (for puzzle type games) or maintain my hand-eye coordination (for action/shooter/sports games). At work, it's more difficult to play games, so often the digression will be through web surfing. I'm sure that nearly everyone does this, especially since I see that most people that comment on this site, do so during traditional work hours. I sense that I am not alone.

The path of procrastination that was taken today was a somewhat interesting one, one that deserves being shared. I always thought that the theme song for the TV show House was pretty interesting, and I assumed that it was written for the show. However, when the new video game, Assassin's Creed (which looks sweet, by the way), began using it, or something extremely similar to it - except it had a vocal part. So the goal was to find out about the song. A simple Wikpedia search, and I have found the page for the TV show House. Luckily, there's a header entitled "theme music" with information including the artist and song title (a British band called Massive Attack and the song is entitled "Teardrop" from 1998). A quick click onto the song title and there is plenty of information including it's usage on television - including the advertisement for the Assassin's Creed video game. Also, on this page, it mentions that there is a video and it contains a lip-syncing fetus. This I have to see, so I'm off to Yahoo Music. Luckily they have the video. This journey then ends with me discovering how to embed videos here in this blog, so as my gift to all of you, here is a music video containing a singing fetus. Enjoy and happy procrastinating!


kilax said...

I think I have heard that song before and seen the video - but never the tv show!

Gina said...

Wikipedia will be the death of any productivity that I can muster. It all starts with one simple search. Then somehow it just snowballs.