Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 39 - Randomness

I have reached day 39 in the consecutive days worked streak, and let me say, it's getting old... and tiring. I didn't post anything yesterday because I couldn't come up with anything coherent to talk about. Today, I still don't have anything coherent to talk about, but I feel the need to write something, or eventually, the few people that are keeping up with this site, will probably stop looking in for updates, and I don't want that to happen. So, here's a couple random musings, and then I'll drop my "big news" that I mentioned a couple days ago.

I found it amusing to learn that yesterday, one local radio station has already begun it's 24 hour Christmas music theme. Doesn't it seem a little bit early to start that? I do actually like holiday music, but October seems a tad early to get "into the mood" for holiday cheer. I don't see how anyone can really get geared up for the actual event of Christmas if the buildup comes earlier and earlier every year. Christmas itself seems to lose much of its impact. I foresee that, eventually, radio stations will just have year round, non-stop holiday music. What happened to the times when the Christmas season didn't begin until after Thanksgiving? Now we're supposed to be getting excited before Halloween? When will the madness end?

I'm a big fan of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, and I've been watching them religiously for several years now. When Stephen Colbert announced a couple weeks ago that he was going to run for president (article), I thought that it was a great idea. Realistically, he's not really running for president, he just wanted to put his name on the ballot in his home state of South Carolina, with the goal of getting one delegate at the national convention. Colbert's plan was to run on both the republican and democratic tickets to help meet his goal. A national poll actually placed Colbert above of several "legitimate" candidates (Kucinich/Paul). When the deadline for filing passed this week, Colbert apparently didn't find the $35,000 filing fee required for the republican ticket worthwhile, so he just filed with the democratic party. Unfortunately, the S. Carolina dems didn't find him to be a "serious" candidate and are going to leave him off the ballot, effectively ending his "presidential bid". I find this to be incredibly disappointing, because the whole process is being taken too seriously. How important is the South Carolina primary anyway? As with the Christmas season starting too early, the political run up for the next election (still more than one year away) has already gotten extremely tiring. I'm already sick of all the candidates, now I'm supposed to get excited to vote in a primary in a couple months, then stay excited to vote in the election next November? Geez, no wonder people don't vote in this country. How many billion dollars is this costing America? WTF? The buildup for the 2012 election is probably starting next month... Maybe I should go ahead and get ready for that.

OK, here's the big news that I've been talking about - I'm moving into downtown KC next weekend. That's right, I'm going to be one of those movers and shakers that live in a giant apartment building right in the heart of the revitalized KC downtown district. I said that things were going to be interesting... well, if this doesn't end up being interesting for me, then I don't know what will. Plus, it cuts my commute down to work by about half - and it pretty much guarantees that my consecutive days worked streak will end. I'm taking a day next week to take care of stuff, yeah, you read that correctly. The streak will end!


kilax said...

I agree - Christmas music should start after Thanksgiving, at the earliest!

I am sick of all the "Obama Said" "Hillary Said" BS. I don't even pay attention anymore. Bleh.

So, can we stay with you when we come for Christmas?!?!?! :) Can't wait to see your new place. Your brother was telling me about it and it sounds sweet!

Gina said...

I was actually having the same political rant inside my head this morning while watching the news. I just want potential president hopefuls to focus on themselves and what they will bring to the table instead of what their opponent is or isn't doing. I feel like telling them to go to separate corners for a time out, rrr!

Congratulations on your new KC digs! Looks like Christmas came early for you, so might as well blast the Christmas music now! Cutting commute time in half is great (said the 1 1/2 hr commuter).

Anonymous said...

That's great u found a place Andrew. Wish u the best of luck in KC. U should post some pics of your new place.

Andrew Skaff said...

kilax and Gina - Thank you for agreeing with me on the political front. I'm glad to know that there are other sane/rational people out there.

kilax - I'm pretty sure you'll be more comfortable staying at the folks house instead of my new place, but you're more than welcome to come visit... and go for a ride in the limo! Hell yeah.

Gina - 1 1/2 hour commute? Ugh. That has to be frustrating. You definitely won't be hearing me complain about commute length, but you might hear me complain about terrible KC drivers.

Anonymous(Courtney) - I'll try to get a few pics up after I move in and get everything settled. Nobody wants to see a big mess, right?

kilax said...

Andrew, my commute is 1 hour and twenty-five minutes! Can I have some brotherly love? ;) HA HA HA :)

kilax said...

PS Since I never got to ride in a limo at my actual wedding, I may have to take you up on the offer! :)

Andrew Skaff said...

kilax - Sorry, the cutoff for the "ugh" comment is one hour and thirty minutes... you'll just get a "geez".

Oh yeah, I forgot about the limo debacle, what was the final word on that? You didn't have to pay for it did you?

kilax said...

Ha ha ha!

We didn't have to pay... but we also don't know what actually happened. They told Steven they would call him back later that day ... and that was two months ago!