Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation

I'm now into the second day of my vacation, and it's been great. I had my first Thanksgiving in the last decade that didn't include being in total discomfort because of forced over eating. Having just a single Thanksgiving dinner is a benefit of being single once again. I know many people that have to attend up to three different dinners on the same day. Pleasing all sets parents/family/friends on a single day can be painful on the stomach. However, there are sacrifices to be made to keep certain people apart from each other.

In the following image I am able to combine three things that I very much enjoy - technology (in that I'm posting the image online), photography and... pie! Please note that a nearly perfect ratio is present in the pie. If you can't tell, the layers are: Oreo crust, sliced bananas, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, shaved Hershey's chocolate and more sliced bananas. Mmmmm. Realistically, I just wanted to figure out how to upload images. Is there something better to post than an image of a pie?


kilax said...

It is near perfect ratio. There is not enough whipped cream!

I am happy to hear you enjoyed Thanksgiving :)

mannyed said...

please pass me a fork, thanks!