Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post 50 - Part I

Note: I've chosen to break this up a little because it got a little lengthy. Part II will contain the non-sports related portion of this post.

Holy crap! This is the 50th post on this blog? It feels like I've only written, like, 47, maybe 48 posts... tops. My thanks are again extended to my loyal reader(s?) for continuing read these random ramblings.

After four straight days of being away from the lab, I think that I might be ready to do something related to work - it's a good thing because I have to hit the lab tomorrow. I managed to get a few things done around the apartment; wired my stereo system, unpacked the last few boxes - disposing of a bunch of worthless garbage, and watched a lot (A LOT) of TV. Here are my thoughts on several of the programs that I caught this weekend.

The Border War - The big KU/MU football game was Saturday night. The rivalry between Missouri and Kansas goes back to the pre-civil war era and is renewed every year in the form of college football. Typically, these two schools are rather mediocre and the only game that either team really gears up for is this one. This season, however, MU was #3 and KU was #2 (and undefeated) in the BCS rankings and 1 and 2 in the Big 12 North. Additionally, the game had been moved to Kansas City as a "neutral site" at Arrowhead Stadium and featured ESPN Gameday broadcasting from the stadium in the morning. I don't think that the game could be hyped any more than it was - and with due cause. Whichever team won would likely jump to the #1 ranking in the national polls and will face the Big 12 South winner for the Conference tournament and (assuming victory there) would play for the national title. Personally, I have no alliance to either of these teams. Having gone to Iowa State, which is also in the Big 12 North, I cannot, in good conscience, consider myself a fan of either school, even though both schools are within 100 miles of where I was raised. I chose to slightly favor KU for one reason - being an ISU fan, you are destined to despise Nebraska football. So, when KU scored 76 points against the Huskers they were granted instant respect from any Cyclone fan. Anything that adds to the Nebraska shame will put a smile on a Cyclone fan's face. The game itself was rather well played. Missouri dominated early and managed to hold on to secure the victory. The officials seemed determined to try to help KU back into the game, but MU was too tough and won 36-28. While I'm not really upset about KU losing, I do feel sorry for which ever buffet-style restaurant that KU coach Mangino decided to attend to drown his sorrows at the conclusion of the game. Anyway, MU then did move into the #1 ranking in the BCS and will face Oklahoma for the conference championship. That game, which is next Saturday (Dec 1) in San Antonio, is a rematch from earlier in the season where Oklahoma won 41-31. MU has their chance to avenge their only blemish on their season.

Chiefs/Raiders - What the hell are you doing, Herm? Seriously, what the hell are you doing? You call a timeout, then ask for a challenge that you had no chance of winning - which costs another timeout? You only get three timeouts in a half and you burned two without a second coming off of the game clock? What the hell are you doing? The Raiders are not a very good team, certainly not a team that should beat the Chiefs in KC. The running game for KC was impressive, possibly the best performance of the season - and it didn't feature a pro-bowl running back (LJ or Priest), but a rookie, Kolby Smith, making his first career start. He looked explosive but patient and made good cuts and finished with 150 yards and 2 TDs. He made a few mistakes (dropping screen passes), but that's too be expected and he certainly didn't cost them the game - that was all on the QB and the coaching staff. The passing game isn't looking good and Croyle appears lost - that again falls onto the coaching staff. Croyle clearly has the arm, but the coaches have to prep him better for games if they want to compete. The Chiefs aren't that far back in the standings, but the Chiefs' season is officially over, and I wouldn't be upset of Herm Edwards' term was over as well. I am a Chiefs fan and I will watch the remainder of the games this season, but that doesn't mean that I can't bitch about them. What the hell were you doing, Herm? Grrrr...


Gina (mannyed) said...

how many more days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training?

Andrew Skaff said...

Not until mid-Feb. Not soon enough.