Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, my Rockies/Red Sox prediction for Game 1 of the World Series was crap. For the Star Trek fans out there - "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a prognosticator". The Red Sox totally outplayed the Rockies in just about every category. Boston's hitters were pounding the ball to all fields. They weren't just getting hits, they were hammering the ball, and they just looked incredibly focused - even with the constant falling rain. Either the nine days of rest eliminated the momentum Colorado had, or Boston's momentum was just more powerful after finishing their tremendous comeback (after being down 3-1) in the ALCS. The thing that is most difficult to imagine is being one of the young Colorado pitchers with less than 50 innings of major league experience in their career and then facing Manny or Big Papi, in the World Series, the biggest stage of all for the baseball world. That has to be some pressure - possibly enough pressure to make you walk in three runs in one inning (Speier). So, do the Rockies have to win tonight to even have a chance in the series? No, but they will probably have to win all their games in Denver if they don't take Game 2. The playing field will be closer to level when the Sox have to bench one of their sluggers when the pitcher has to bat in the NL park, but right now, Boston just looks like a juggernaut. The pitching matchup for Game 2 doesn't look promising for Colorado. I still have my hopes up for Colorado, but they're going to have to score runs... and a lot of them. I will make a prediction today, but if I'm way off again, I'm going to stop. The Rockies will score some runs, but just not enough. I'm going to say that Boston will win 7-5... but I'm still pulling for the Rockies.

On the work front - the trip to KU was fine, I got done a little bit early and got to take care of some errands on the way back. That was nice. As I somewhat expected - the experiment that was being run back in my own lab was unsuccessful. Which means, I have tomorrow with a shot-in-the-dark, highly experimental, probably not going to work, but theoretically possible, experiment that would be a last ditch attempt to salvage the dream of a free weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I really have my doubts. If my brain-child experiment works, I will take great joy in publishing the method along with the results. The technique would in all likelihood be named after me with a sarcastic sigh included in the title, as in "I used the*sigh* Skaff method" (accompanied with a bowed head), to which the reply would be simply a slow side to side head shake. Seriously, it will be laughed at by peers because it really is pushing the limits of plausibility. I would be proud to have that associated with me, that's the kind of thing that brings a smile to my face. Ah, humor.

Oh yeah... Go Rockies!

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Gina (Mannyed) said...

so you do have a weekend (far, far) away from the lab? Inquiring minds...