Friday, October 5, 2007


After working 22 hours in two days, I would take about any escape route to get out of the lab. This morning I got a message from some one that I'm working with out at KU. They were having a meeting that I was invited to attend about how data was going to be analyzed for one of my projects. Sounds exciting right? Yeah, not really. I assumed that meeting wouldn't be that worthwhile, but I decided to go because it was going to mean that I wouldn't have to spend the entire day in the lab. So, I drove for two hours (one hour each way) for a less-than-one-hour meeting. But what the hell, I wasn't in the lab for three straight hours - it was worth it. But now I'm back in the lab and I'll be back around another ten hour day... and will have to come in tomorrow... and possibly Sunday. When can I have a real job?

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