Monday, October 1, 2007


After writing a few posts, I decided to let a few people know of the existence of this blog. Of course, one resourceful person actually found it before I had even written the second post. Anyway, now I have become a little self conscious of what I have written. Have I said too much? Is this too personal to publish on the web for all to see? I'm not exactly sure yet, but, although I do feel pretty exposed, I do feel liberated in some way. I think that it is pretty difficult to learn that much about people in general conversation. Using the reunion as a pretty decent example - the typical conversation had these questions: What do you do? Where do you live? Do you have any kids? Then it is on to the next person and asking the same series of questions. Obviously, in this setting, there isn't that much time to converse since there are many people that you haven't seen in ages and just getting a few minutes with each person can be difficult.

My personal dislike for being in a large group is not related to being anti-social, I very much do like interacting with people... just in smaller groups. But I would much rather get to know someone than know about them. You just can't learn much about a person with a few superficial questions in three minutes. I think, in general, many of the people that I know may know a lot about me, but may not truly know me. I guess in some ways this blog will be a chance for whoever happens to read this to actually get to know me. Whether or not anyone really wants to know me that well is a question for another day. What, no quote from some song today that ties in to what this post has been about? Sorry, they're not all like that. Maybe at some point, they will be.

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